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THE MOVEMENT in the city

We are an Organization at the service of the needs of the communities. Our team and volunteers are here to offer you information resources and help. Do you want to know about our resources and activities or global reach?

how to connect with  #TheMovementinthecity

Centro de donaciones

Footwear and
For families in need

Every Sunday at 2:00 P.M
Address: 9857 Schiller Blvd # 1, Franklin Park, IL 60131
Clothes for kids
Youth Clothing
Adult Clothing
We accept Contributions
We accept volunteers
Evento de meetup (encuentro profesional)
Youth Conference

Join us

Every Sunday we share the table with families and people who are going through some need


Our team will be keeping you informed of our activities in local communities and global reach through emails, or right here on this page.

En el teléfono


Thanks for your message! We will respond as soon as possible

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Our team will be happy to make contact with you today

Our response time to messages has an interval of 12 to 24 hours

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